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High Quality, Professional Voice Talent

Kim Morris-Johnson

Represented by NV Talent, Chicago

Voice Characteristics: 

  • Warm

  • Sexy/Smoky/Sultry

  • Authentic

  • Friendly

  • Intelligent

  • Authoritative

  • Classy

  • Edgy

  • Engaging

Assortment - KMJ
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Audio Book - KMJ
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Travel - KMJ
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Whatever you want to convey, just SayKMJ for the vocal talents and experience to help you articulate how—and why—what you want to share matters to the people you want to reach. 

    Contact agent, Debby Kotzen

About Kim Morris-Johnson


Kim is an award-winning former broadcast journalist. She brings a wealth of experience from multiple sectors, including media, corporate and non-profit. She loves the art and impact of story.


Her strengths? A great family and friends, a burning desire to keep learning, and a firm belief in the affirmative, resurgent power of laughter. Her mantra? Everything we do—and how we choose to do it—speaks. 

With home-studio recording capability and fast turnaround times, let Kim provide you with the professionalism and passion to help you have your say, your way. 

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